When you step onto the beautiful beach at Glitter Bay you get a sense of calm and it just melts all the stress away.  The Holetown Boardwalk has now allowed for access virtually all along to Sandy Lane depending on the tide.  This morning at 7.30 a.m.  Joe and I walked from Glitter Bay right up to Holetown on a mix of sand and the boardwalk.  It was breathtaking and peaceful and we savoured every moment along the way.  A few others were walking along, taking photos, taking a refreshing dip in the crystal clear sea or just sitting looking out to the beautiful blue skies and the endless ocean.
We saw some beautiful luxury homes along the beach front that look out to the calm Caribbean ocean and passed numerous hotels like Colony Club, Coral Reef, Sandpiper and Discovery.  Dotted in between is Spagos by the Sea, Zaccios, The Beach House, Drift and Tides.  Restaurants in Holetown run the full range from super casual to fine dining - there is something for everyone.
We came across the birds being fed on the beach just to the north of Colony Club - they were devouring what looked like a fully cooked breakfast!  Because of most restaurants being open air you will find from time to time the birds coming in looking for scraps of food - this way the birds are fed and guests can sit and enjoy their meal peacefully.  Even at this early hour, guests were already settling into their beach loungers with a good book or one of the international newspapers which can be delivered straight to your room.
By Folkstone Marine Park the boardwalk was being swept clear of sand and the garden park area was being prepared for the numerous visitors who come here to enjoy snorkeling and swimming in the protected bay where fishing is not permitted.
We turned around just after Beachlands which is just north of Holetown and made our way back to Glitter Bay.  As soon as we were back we took a lovely refreshing swim in the cool blue ocean - it is crystal clear and calm.  Surprisingly it was already 9 a.m. and we hadn't even had breakfast yet.  Headed back to our apartment to get the rest of our day started.  Beach days along the Holetown Boardwalk brings something new every day.  Come and stay with us and experience the peace and relaxation that a beach holiday brings, especially when you stay at Glitter Bay Suites.
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