What an amazing weekend of motor sport here in Barbados.  The first ever Top Gear Festival Barbados www.topgearfestivalbarbados.com culminated yesterday with some spectacular thrills, chills and spills that had everyone on their toes.  
The TGFBarbados event showcased the big guns like Lewis Hamilton who came through to drive the F1 car along the newly completed race track at Bushy Park.  Not only were we treated to the noise and power of the F1 car, the crowded roared when there was a very entertaining 20 minutes of Car Football!  This was three aside Team Barbados vs Team England.  Lewis teamed up for the Barbados side along with The Stig and Tiff Needell – they literally romped over the England side winning 4 - 2.  Now, you may be saying how does Car Football work?  You take a three wheeled Reliant Robin, two moveable goal posts, and the hugest football ever – you get three cars with ‘star quality drivers’ on each side and you just go for it.  The ensuing match was nothing short of hysterical with Lewis and Clarkson battling out and each ending up on their side several times.  Who would have imagined that Lewis Hamilton would be playing Car Football in Barbados!
Another highlight of the weekend event was the Red Bull Global RallyCross Race – impressive line of rally drivers including the one and only Ken Block who unfortunately suffered a crash late Sunday – luckily no one was hurt.  The cars were air borne over the RallyCross Jump and in some instances near inches apart when pulling out onto the track.  It is such a shame as Ken was also going to be part of the local Barbados King of the Hill event which is tied into Sol Rally Barbados.  Rumour is that he will still be trying to make the event – the local rally fans would love to see Ken Block next week! www.redbullglobalrallycross.com
The drifter round was a show of skill and poise as Team Ireland and Team Barbados were neck and neck showing the precision and showmanship required in this event.  The local boys pulled out the stops however the Irish team of Shane Lynch and Shane O’Sullivan of JapSpeed really had this event – they slid around the track with synchronised moves that thrilled the crowd. http://www.japspeed.co.uk/news/
Top Gear Festival Barbados is slated as an annual event.  This is well worth putting in your calendar for 2015.  Dates will be announced and after the show that was put on here in Barbados we know that 2015 will be even more exciting.  Don’t forget to book your accommodation with www.barbadosvillaservices.com so just send us an email and we can provide you with some great accommodation options that will round out your Top Gear Festival Barbados 2015 visit.
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