Ok, so we’ll be the first to admit that your winter may not be going as swimmingly as ours is here in tropical Barbados, but that doesn’t mean we’re not struggling with (average) 26°C (79°F) temperatures sweeping the island!  We’re determined to make the best of it!

The winter season in Barbados is when island life really comes to the fore. Late December and early January are really considered the height of the season with the island jam packed with holiday makers from the biggest of celebrity fixtures to once in a lifetime dream vacation travellers. Because of the high demand, villa and hotel/resort accommodations are stretched to capacity and planning ahead is definitely the way you would want to go with your vacation.

One of the benefits of this time of year are the cooler temperatures, making both daytime and nighttime activities more pleasant. Many of the swanky must do restaurants have strict in-season dress code policies, which will include long pants/trousers and long sleeves – comfortably worn in these temperatures.  The cooling trade winds also make sun bathing an all-day activity.

The strong prevailing winds of winter also bring with them the opportunity for a plethora of wind sports, including windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing. This January in Barbados sees the 80th anniversary edition of the Mount Gay Round the Island Race for yachts ranging in size from J/24 class to MOD70 Multihulls.  Truly an awesome series of racing. The south eastern coast of the island also becomes the epicenter of world class windsurfing and kite surfing, with many travelling professionals and high ranked amateurs making their winter training base here.

Colder northern temperatures also mean cold fronts coming off the east coast of North America and these translate into epic north swells on the east and west coasts of the island. Surfers will travel for the adventure vacation of a lifetime, sometimes many times per winter season, to follow the swell here. If this is your thing, then you could be in luck.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or just looking to chill on the beach or poolside at your villa and finish the day off with a gourmet dinner at one of the island’s many top quality restaurants, then winter in Barbados may just be your speed. But remember, planning is key to not being disappointed.

With all of the choice accommodation on offer in both private and resort settings; the only question you have to ask yourself is: If you want to enjoy or endure the winter?


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