We all have our traditions to celebrate different holidays. Because of the strong religious roots in Barbados, Easter holds as much significance to Bajan families as Christmas. From Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday the Lenten season is observed in many ways but one of the ways in which you’ll be sure to see it as a visitor is in the traditional plethora of fish dishes on the menu. Not only on Friday, but throughout the season, fish stars on many a menu, from fast food to gourmet.  The foodie in you will be happy for the extensive choices in fish available.

A beautiful tradition evident across the skies of the island is the flying of kites.  Freshly harvested cane fields and strong trade winds give rise to what is known as kite season. At intersections all across the island you will find kite vendors plying their wares. Homemade round paper kites with festive colours and sweet singing ‘bulls’ create a visual and aural spectacle second to none. The only day on which this changes is Good Friday, when tradition dictates that kites are repapered black and the ‘bulls’ are silenced.

Sweet breezes also mean that this time of year is a dream for athletes involved in wind sports. Sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, and foiling make the seas a beautifully choreographed dance of spinnakers and bright sails. Offshore regattas make for a relaxing backdrop as you lie on the white sand beaches deciding if to go with the rum or fruit punch.

Celebrating the ocean and her bounty is also a part of the Bajan Easter tradition, with the annual Oistins Fish Festival. Hosted in the island’s main fishing village on the south coast; Oistins is the home of the world famous Bay Gardens outdoor fish fry. However, during Easter weekend the town is alive with festival fun all weekend long with competitions, displays, boat races and live entertainment for the whole family.

Easter Sunday for many a Barbadian starts with a morning church service followed by a family get together for an all day brunch/lunch featuring meat, for the first time for the season for many. Similar to a Christmas morning, Easter baskets are exchanged amongst the kids and adults enjoy their favourite hot beverage with fresh hot cross buns. The afternoon follows with everyone busying themselves catching up with family and friends not seen since the last holiday. It is truly a joyous experience.

So if you’re thinking that you’d like to start a new family tradition or just experience one the Barbadian way, then book your villa stay today and prepare to embrace an experience to last a lifetime.


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