This two bedroom two bathroom apartment at Glitter Bay was a combination of some remodelling work and some refurbishment of existing furnishings and some new pieces.  This was completed within a 6 week window Sep/Oct 2017 when Glitter Bay closes for annual maintenance and updates.

The layout of both bathrooms and the kitchen and living area were completely redone.  The master bathroom enlarged the shower area and completely retiled the room.  The second bathroom has the fitted tub replaced with the standing tub and completely retiled the room.  The kitchen was completely gutted and a new design was made to include brand new high end appliances including an island for the stove and wine cooler.  The wall sofa was removed and a new sofa and side tables installed.  On the balcony the wall planters were removed to increase the outdoor space and a custome made dining table was commissioned and imported from Italy.  All the existing furniture was repainted and all soft furnishings were replaced.

This apartment has gone from ordinary to extraordinary and clients are loving the updates.

All painting of furnishings and walls, complete gutting and bathroom installations, kitchen gutting, balcony gutting and installation by Joe Troulan of Barbados Villa Services.  Kitchen installation contracted and supervised by Joe Troulan of Barbados Villa Services

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