$5,000 Starting from Low Season Rate Per Night

The Ridge features 9-bedroom and includes the main house and Gingerbread. The main house features five sea-facing bedrooms. Three bedrooms are upstairs, including a spacious master with his and hers ensuite bathrooms. Two are downstairs, with one ground-floor bedroom being wheelchair accessible. An elevator and a staircase connect the upper floor and the wine cellar. The wine cellar is an experience in itself. Upon entering this temperature-controlled slice of heaven, Charlie Chaplin’s cane is on prominent display, setting the expectation for further treasures within. Vintage posters dot the walls, and row upon row of the finest selections tantalise the eye. Comfortable seating provides a place for a cigar and a private moment before heading to the cinema. The indoor cinema is on the same level and is cosy with plush seating. Enter Gingerbread, a private oasis. This stand-alone mini villa features a tucked-away playroom for children and four ground-floor bedrooms with a full kitchen, laundry, and living area. The main bedroom is decadent, with a large, comfortable bed, a walk-in closet, and a generous bathroom. Step onto the spacious deck and take in the estate. Lush greenery, a tennis court, and sweet birdsong delight the senses.

An Impressive Estate
A theatrical courtyard fountain, hidden ethereal gazebos, and a breathtaking ridgefront pool are some of the key features and amenities at The Ridge. Star-studded poolside weddings have the perfect backdrop against the sublime views of the Caribbean Sea. The sun-kissed open-air deck is a gorgeous space and is reminiscent of an upscale outdoor lounge. The pool deck is complete with plush seating and covered areas. Hosting large parties is a breeze at this luxury villa. There is a separate kitchen for poolside dining, an expansive kitchen with a commercial walk-in fridge and freezer in the main residence, and a full kitchen in Gingerbread. The Ridge is also fully staffed with expert staff to ensure a seamless experience. Our staff consists of experienced and skilled individuals who are not only trained in the art of hospitality but also possess a natural ability to anticipate and fulfil every need of our guests. Expect a discreet staffing complement that provides the highest level of service.

A priceless collection of memorabilia
A transcendent stay awaits at The Ridge, with a fine collection of unique items designed to awe and inspire. Movie connoisseurs will be amazed by the rare film memorabilia and original, vintage film poster collection. Design enthusiasts will appreciate the incredible furniture pieces by designers Carlo Bugatti and Viscount Linley and sketches from artist and designer Oliver Messel, who designed many of Barbados’ most famed houses. International and Barbadian history unite in a stunning walkthrough display. The iconic display sits between stunning sea and pool views and a magnetic office space. Browse 22-year-old Barbadian rums, historic Barbadian pennies from 1788, and a nod to African culture with soulful art pieces. 
At the Ridge, you will experience life at its finest. This Barbados villa offers the ultimate luxury experience, whether for a family retreat, group celebration, or a quiet, relaxing vacation in total seclusion, thanks to the stunning property size, mesmerising ocean views, incredible collections, and unique features. 


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