$280 Starting from Low Season Rate Per Night

The Glitter Bay Suites are managed by Barbados Villa Services © and consist of the following properties at Glitter Bay:

2 x One Bedroom Superior Ocean View– Glitter Bay 302 ‘Always Summer’ and Glitter Bay 302 'Top Deck' (TD not for rent)

11 x Two Bedroom – Glitter Bay 101 ‘Oceanside’, Glitter Bay 103 ‘Sea View’, Glitter Bay 109 ‘Sweet Fuh Days’, Glitter Bay 113 ‘Sea Wind II’, Glitter Bay 204 ‘Frangipani’, Glitter Bay 206 ‘Sea Turtle Suite’, Glitter Bay 210 (not for rent), Glitter Bay 211 ‘Sea Wind’, Glitter Bay 213, Glitter Bay 307 'Barsal Bay', Glitter Bay 312 'Shells'  (these can be rented as one bedrooms)

3 x Three Bedroom – Glitter Bay 106 ‘Shak-Shak’ and Glitter Bay 313 ‘Sea Turtle Penthouse’, Glitter Bay 303 'Emerald Suite'  (these can be rented as one or two bedrooms)

*Barbados Villa Services © is an independent management company and as such we are not connected in any way to any other management company operating apartments at Glitter Bay, nor are we affiliated with the communal management of the property

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