Is a delightful meal with your partner, friends, family your thing? Then Barbados has something to offer you at every level. One of the things which sets our island apart from the others in the Caribbean is our excellent restaurant stock. One of the memories which endures with many visitors is the availability of options for great meals.  Fine dining is represented along the platinum coast in abundance and is now making inroads into the other main tourism belt on the south coast.

Culinary adventures offer some of the best vacations to the epicurean in all of us and recent trends show that more and more of you are travelling to satisfy this lust. For some travellers the excitement of the chase is in finding the most authentic and delicious local cuisine. Eating where the locals, in this case Bajans, eat and experiencing the manner in which they choose to enjoy their meals. In Barbados this will include a Friday cou-cou and flying fish or salt fish, Friday night Oistins fish fry, Saturday pudding and souse, and Sunday baked pork with pigeon peas and rice and macaroni pie.

For those looking for a step up from ‘shop food’, then there’s a plethora of casual dining restaurants available offering everything from gussied up Bajan delicacies to standard continental bar & pub food. The beauty of casual dining in Barbados is that the standard is very high. This is a by-product of the ready availability of reasonably priced gourmet ingredients and the large pool of available hospitality talent, thanks to the availability of formal training on the island. It is not unusual to come across a 5-star hotel chef operating a roadside grille on his day off or working a dinner sitting, after her lunch shift at the latest chichi eatery.

Which brings us back to our fine dining experience. Barbados is blessed with an irrational concentration of haute cuisine restaurants in a relatively short geographical area. The competition to the top ‘it’ restaurant is fierce and so the diners benefit, in spades. From exciting guest chefs to some of the most talented resident chefs, Barbados offers choice and experiences second to none in the world. Just on the west coast, also known as the Gold & Platinum coasts, you can experience the finest Mediterranean, authentic Indian, Italian, Japanese & Thai fusions, and exquisite Bajan interpretations on classics while enjoying perfect ocean views of the tranquil moonlit Caribbean Sea.  It is this overwhelming abundance of choice which encourages many of our part-time residents and long stay visitors staying at our many accommodations in Barbados to rent to willingly embrace these shores as their own and make the epicurean journey around Barbados.


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