Travel Protocols as of 19 September 2020

High Risk and Medium Risk passengers must have a negative covid test for travel.  High Risk passengers must quarantine for 14 days and can have a second test 5 - 7 days of quarantine before permitted to leave the designated quarantine accommodation.  Medium Risk must also take a second test during their stay.

Barbados Welcome Stamp

Grenada Anyone?

So you have booked a two week holiday to Barbados and while there is so much to do here why not consider a side trip to one of the other Caribbean destinations?  On the top of our list is Grenada and on the top of the list of places to stay would be Calabash Hotel on Lance Aux Epines beach.  We just spent 3 nights in this gem of a hotel basking in the low-keyed atmosphere yet surrounded by touches of luxury throughout.

It’s Winter in Barbados

Ok, so we’ll be the first to admit that your winter may not be going as swimmingly as ours is here in tropical Barbados, but that doesn’t mean we’re not struggling with (average) 26°C (79°F) temperatures sweeping the island!  We’re determined to make the best of it!

Luxurious Port Ferdinand

Fortunate enough to have had an oportunity to spend a weekend at the beautiful and luxurious Port Ferdinand in St Peter and WOW - it is the business!

Glitter Bay Suites 08 April 2014

So, where are you right now?  Thinking of taking a holiday to somewhere warm with beautiful blue skies, crystal clear ocean and miles of white sandy beaches?  Then you need to look at Barbados as your next vacation destination.
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