Easter in Barbados

We all have our traditions to celebrate different holidays. Because of the strong religious roots in Barbados, Easter holds as much significance to Bajan families as Christmas. From Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday the Lenten season is observed in many ways but one of the ways in which you’ll be sure to see it as a visitor is in the traditional plethora of fish dishes on the menu. Not only on Friday, but throughout the season, fish stars on many a menu, from fast food to gourmet.  The foodie in you will be happy for the extensive choices in fish available.

Rum Shops and Bajan Foods - Part II

This is leading off from the previous blog Rum Shops and Bajan Foods - Part I.  Some of the rum shops that I have been in offer the most amazing tasting food and this is the time to experiment and really explore the different tastes that local cuisine has to offer.
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