A Bajan Summer Awaits

Barbados is just settling back to normalcy after the annual motorsport frenzy that is FLOW King of the Hill and SOL Rally Barbados. Jeffrey Panton and Michael Fennel Jr. enjoyed another successful campaign as they claimed both crowns over the course of the two weekends. The Ford Focus WRC08 packing the punch needed to hold off all comers, including current WRC2 championship leader Elfyn Evans and Crag Parry in their Ford Fiesta R5 Evo.

A Champion Spirit Pervades the Caribbean

Barbados and the wider Caribbean are riding high off the back of an unprecedented 3 simultaneous ICC World Twenty20 cricket titles won recently in India by our Men, Women & Under 19 cricket teams. The underlying vibe across the region is one of Champions and underscored by the instant DJ Bravo hit soundtrack of the same name. This winning feeling and attitude means a lot to our proud people, and it translates into better interactions across all levels of business and social interaction.

Easter in Barbados

We all have our traditions to celebrate different holidays. Because of the strong religious roots in Barbados, Easter holds as much significance to Bajan families as Christmas. From Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday the Lenten season is observed in many ways but one of the ways in which you’ll be sure to see it as a visitor is in the traditional plethora of fish dishes on the menu. Not only on Friday, but throughout the season, fish stars on many a menu, from fast food to gourmet.  The foodie in you will be happy for the extensive choices in fish available.

What Would you do with a Week in Barbados?

The true beauty of a Barbados vacation is as much about the people you meet as the places you visit. Passing your time in Barbados is never an issue, with its true diversity of activities and vibrant night life, we thought we’d present you with a sample week of activities in March. Here’s one of many ways that we think you’d enjoy:

Sunday Beach Picnic

Living on the island never gets boring - so much to do and, for us, a beach picnic is one of the best ways to spend a Sunday.  The planning and preparation is the hard part, once the jeep is packed with the necessary umbrellas, beach chairs, coolers and the like we are off.  This is just north of Speightstown, just off Almond Beach and Port St Charles.
The guys get the picnic site sorted and the BBQ lit and we are ready for an ice cold beer and on this occasion, some very chilled bubbles to help celebrate a birthday!

Barbados Green Monkeys

Look at these creatures that popped into visit on Monday afternoon - the Barbados Green Monkeys living in our area of Durants Village, Holders Hill, St James.  The neighbour's mango tree was the attraction and they had quite a session raiding the tree.  These creatures are wild so you should always keep your distance however with a zoom lens on your camera you can capture these kind of moments when you are in Barbados.  The best place to see them would be at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Welchman Hall Gully and Flower Forest to name a few.

The Green Monkeys of Barbados

The Green Monkeys are found all around Barbados and are cute to look at but always remember they are wild creatures and as such should not be treated as domesticated pets.  The name originates from the colour of their fur which is a mix of yellow, brown and green.  Males are usually the most aggressive however a mother with young will also behave aggressively if she feels she is being threatened.

Rum Shops and Bajan Foods - Part II

This is leading off from the previous blog Rum Shops and Bajan Foods - Part I.  Some of the rum shops that I have been in offer the most amazing tasting food and this is the time to experiment and really explore the different tastes that local cuisine has to offer.

Rum Shops and Bajan Foods - Part I

Most of our visitors want to indulge in the Bajan Experience and part of this, besides our music, culture and history, is our food, our local delicacies which must be savoured and the best place to do that would be in one of our rum shops!
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