Grenada Anyone?

So you have booked a two week holiday to Barbados and while there is so much to do here why not consider a side trip to one of the other Caribbean destinations?  On the top of our list is Grenada and on the top of the list of places to stay would be Calabash Hotel on Lance Aux Epines beach.  We just spent 3 nights in this gem of a hotel basking in the low-keyed atmosphere yet surrounded by touches of luxury throughout.

A Great Meal Can Make all the Difference

Is a delightful meal with your partner, friends, family your thing? Then Barbados has something to offer you at every level. One of the things which sets our island apart from the others in the Caribbean is our excellent restaurant stock. One of the memories which endures with many visitors is the availability of options for great meals.  Fine dining is represented along the platinum coast in abundance and is now making inroads into the other main tourism belt on the south coast.

Luxurious Port Ferdinand

Fortunate enough to have had an oportunity to spend a weekend at the beautiful and luxurious Port Ferdinand in St Peter and WOW - it is the business!

The Animal Flower Cave

The Animal Flower Cave is one of the main attractions in Barbados.  Located at the northern most end of the island the Animal Flower Cave offers an incredible view of the rugged Atlantic side of the island and on occasion you might even spot a whale or two.

Calabaza Lunch Cruise

Booked ourselves for a lunch cruise on Friday 30 January 2015 - the day started beautifully with blue skies, sunshine and a refreshing breeze.  We opted to drive to the Shallow Draft located just outside of Bridgetown on the Spring Garden Highway which is also home to Atlantis Submarine and various other cruise boats.  We were warmly welcomed by Gina who directed us to our catamaran (they have two!) and introduced us to our Captain and crew, Danny, Fabian and "Rebel".  Waiting on the table was carrot cake, coffee and tea - perfect for our 9.30 a.m. start.

Daphnes Barbados Restaurant Review

After a weekend of work and needing a break we made an impromptu decision to go to Daphnes Barbados late Sunday afternoon.  Went online to check out their menu and opening hours and called them at 4.30 p.m. to see if we could come to the bar for a sundowner drink and have an early dinner.  I confirmed that the Summer Menu was available and we got the reservation for 6.30 p.m.

Nishi Restaurant in Barbados

Decided to surprise my youngest daughter with dinner at  Nishi Restaurant to celebrate her 15th birthday on 01 October 2014.  Luckily Nishi was reopening that night after several weeks of renovations and refurbishments so we were really looking forward to this evening to see all the changes.

JJ Poulter at Drift in Holetown

Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge is located in Holetown and is part of The Beach House, one of the many restaurants located in Holetown, St James.  Drift is a classy lounge beautifully decorated in a soothing seaside theme which  makes you feel like you are in a well appointed beach house on a quaint seaside resort.  The lounge is fully air conditioned and the full length glass windows afford a beautiful view of the ocean.  With the outdoor seating all along on the boardwalk this is the perfect place to watch the sunset on an evening.

Rum Shops and Bajan Foods - Part II

This is leading off from the previous blog Rum Shops and Bajan Foods - Part I.  Some of the rum shops that I have been in offer the most amazing tasting food and this is the time to experiment and really explore the different tastes that local cuisine has to offer.

Rum Shops and Bajan Foods - Part I

Most of our visitors want to indulge in the Bajan Experience and part of this, besides our music, culture and history, is our food, our local delicacies which must be savoured and the best place to do that would be in one of our rum shops!


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