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The Green Monkeys are found all around Barbados and are cute to look at but always remember they are wild creatures and as such should not be treated as domesticated pets.  The name originates from the colour of their fur which is a mix of yellow, brown and green.  Males are usually the most aggressive however a mother with young will also behave aggressively if she feels she is being threatened.
Places where the Green Monkeys are found in large numbers would be at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve and Welchman Hall Gully.  There you will find them co-existing with other fauna in their natural environment.  The Green Monkeys were brought to the island from Africa mostly as pets for the gentry however they are considered pests by farmers because they cause major damage to crops – the monkeys will systematically take bites out of numerous pieces of fruit and discard them half eaten.
The Green Monkeys as well as the other fauna at the Wildlife Reserve are fed every day around 2 p.m. so make sure that you plan your visit around that time as you will be up close and can get some great photos.  Likewise the monkeys are also fed at Welchman Hall on a large platform.   Visit their website for further information and feeding times
The Green Monkeys are most active in the early morning or late afternoon and Glitter Bay is lucky to have a troop that come by regularly running among the spacious gardens most days and remember these are wild so be careful when approaching them.   They happily feast on bananas, mangoes, paw-paw and other fruits they find in the area.  The monkeys are playful and spend time jumping among the branches of the large mahogany trees on the property and they also call out to each in what sounds like chattering.
During your stay on the island you may come across locals with baby monkeys asking for money in exchange for a photo.  Please do not encourage this – the mother was more than likely killed in the process for them to procure the baby monkey.  Once the baby grows larger they will also be killed or released into the wild where they will be shunned by other monkeys or even killed by the troop.
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