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Barbados is in the throes of the Sweetest Summer Festival and, as such, not only is there much to do, but accommodation is placed at a premium due to the influx of revellers to our shores. Apart from the demands on the accommodation there is also so much to do as a result of the festival, that deciding which events and where to go will also require some coordination on your part.  That’s where we excel.

Family and larger group travel is the norm in the summer and many times the freedom of villa life is just what suits your needs. Especially if travelling in a reasonably sized group of four or more you will find that luxury accommodation can become prohibitively expensive. However, villa life can be just what you’re looking for on your holiday on the island.  Offering all of the amenities of a luxury hotel and the freedom from schedules and set itineraries you’re looking at the best of both worlds.

Many villas will cater specifically to the level of luxury and attention which you are comfortable with from simple maid service and cooks, or self-catering to butlers and renowned private chefs, to ensure that your stay with us is memorable. Add to that our concierge service which is second to none and you’ll have the complete bespoke vacation that you and your family are after. Need cricket tickets for the CPLT20 or an ODI? No problem. Recommendations and tickets to the hottest party of the season, or a packed cooler for one of the many premium cooler parties going on? No problem. Our concierge service is not just about booking the best fine dining in the world.

But seriously stop reading and start the process of booking. Contact us and let us do all of the heavy lifting for you. Experience beautiful Barbados with us on your terms. Remember just because there is a focus on Crop Over and CPL T-20 Cricket during these next 4 weeks it doesn’t mean that’s the only game in town. Our island always offers the friendly faces and plethora of white coral sand beaches and crystal blue sea that you’re looking for on your vacation. Your next holiday should be about you and it should be in Barbados!

While it is officially the ‘low season’ for tourists, you will want to ensure that you’ve made all of your Barbados travel arrangements for accommodation, as rooms and villas will fill up for the culmination of both the cricket and the upcoming Kadooment Day celebrations. Make the right choice for accommodation and concierge services and you’re already on the way to the vacation of a lifetime.

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